A Brief Introduction Of Madrasa

     Dear honorable, it is obviously clear that Islam religion is the medium of intimation for universe, it’s basic principles are not only Islamic books, Hadeeth and Sunnat, relique of Sahaba, conflux of Muslims, intimation of Aima and religious Ahal-e-sunnat wal Jamaat inasmuch this institute was established in hilly area Nayi Basti Junakhadansal Jammu on first Shawwal 1426. There backwards get education. In these hills, there live many Muslims and shepherds. Hazrat Aqdas Alhaj Maulana Mufti Abdul Ghani Sahib Azhari and other Hazrat from Jammu and Kashmir used to push them up for their betterment from starting. Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Basheer Ahmed Mazahiri established this institute on first Shawwal 1426 after the discussion with many scholars by the name Madarsa Zakariyya. Where there the people are unknown from religious education, they are interrupted in polytheist. Schoolman and well-wishers needed to look into the matter.

Madarsa Stepping Towards Progress

     With the grace of Allah, this school has converted into Madarsa from school. At present the number of hostler and local students is more than 175. All the students are getting the education of religion and doctrine. Madarsa has accountability of 80 students for their dwelling, dinning and treatment.

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