A Sincere Appeal

Nahamaduhu Vanussali Ala Rasoolihi Kareem!
Islamic brothers!
Madarsa Zakariyya Tahafeez Ul Qur’an Junakha Dansal link Road, National Highway Jammu is theological, educational and doctrine institution has been established in tutelary of Sheikh of time, scholar, Hazrat Shah Maulana Alhaj Abdul Ghani Sahib Damat Zalkum and Hazrat Peeralhaj Maulana Muhammad Talha Sahib Damat Zalkamalali (Son of Hazrat Sheikh Ul Hades Maulana Alhaj Muhammad Zikriya Sahib Mahajar Madani).
This institution is ascending on the way of progress due to efforts of Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Basheer Ahmed Sahib Mazahiry. 175 students are under education 80 of them are contributive whose responsibility of all expenses such as dwelling food books medicine and treatment etc are travelled by the Madarsa with the help of charitable persons like you.
On recommendations of Ulema this institution is established in such area where the people are unknown from theology and Islam. The people are flowing in sectarianism. There is no Madarsa in entire area. This Madarsa is trying all possible.

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